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Slimming Tea


Tired of fighting the stubborn fat mounted on your body? Try our slimming herbal tea. With unique combination of 14 different herbs mixed with organic green tea base, this marvel balances & regulates excessive fat, & bestowing you with a body of your dreams without any side effects. The deliberate compilation of these herbs helps as a catalyst, boosting up the body metabolism, burning excessive fat. Gulp this miraculous herbal tea, empty stomach for better results. Post meal consumption is also recommended to burn those extra pounds faster.


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Our ancient knowledge system of Ayurveda is a treasure trove of herbal knowledge and an organic guide to the holistic lifestyle. Scientifically endorsed and naturally fortified, these herbs are our health warriors in our fight against the unwanted fat.

Organic Green Tea:
It is a ‘non-fermented’ and ‘non-oxidized’ tea which contains more catechin (antioxidants) than black tea or oolong tea. The most abundant catechin in tea, EGCG inhibits the breakdown of the hormone Norepinephrine. The nervous system uses this hormone to send signals to the fat cells to break down more fat.

Garcinia Cambogia:
A native to the Western Ghats, Kokum or Garcinia cambogia, is claimed to be a natural substance for weight loss.
It helps in reducing appetite, so you do not feel hungry at odd hours and eat more than your required amount. It is also claimed to reduce fat production in your body and burn belly fat.

Terminalia Chebula:
Commonly known as Haritaki in India, this herbal ingredient can improve the function of your digestive system.

Senna Leaves:
Senna leaves possess a great laxative effect. It helps you to get rid of occasional constipation that often occurs due to low-fiber diets.

Moringa Leaves:
Known as the ‘miracle tree’, the Ayurveda verses correlates the power of Moringa in lowering bad cholesterol and improving cholesterol metabolism.

Sea Buckthorn Leaves:
“The holy fruit of the Himalayas’ is called the ‘Oil of life’ in Tibet. This herb contains all the omega fatty acids including the rare Omega 7.

If you are wondering how to induct these herbs into your lifestyle seamlessly, your worries are already taken care of. Tea Aroma uses these miracle herbs and blends them with other beneficial plants to create the perfect brew as Slimming Herbal Tea.

1. Aids In Weight Loss: – The tea is developed with some powerful herbs specifically to help in weight loss i.e. Sea Buckthorn & Garcinia Cambogia.
2. Improves Metabolism: -The tea helps to improve your metabolism by increasing your energy expenditure, which speeds up the fat burning process.
3. Delicious & 100% Natural Ingredients: – The tea is extremely delicious in taste due to the use of all natural & fresh ingredients.
4. Healthy Tea & Immune Booster: – The tea can also be consumed as an immunity booster, as it includes a blend of therapeutic herbs & spices that helps in improving the immune system naturally.


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