Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

Is your milk farm fresh?

Yes, we supply raw, unpasteurized an unprocessed milk within few hours of milking. Customers are supposed to boil the milk immediately after receiving.

Where do you procure your milk from?

We enable local dairy farmers to raise and manage their cows in ultra hygienic conditions with proper diet prescribed by veterinary doctor in order to provide unadulterated chemical free milk to our customers. Milking of cows takes place under our strict supervision.

What are your delivery timings?

We deliver A2 milk, eggs and breads in the morning between 6 am to 9 am and other items available on website like fruits, vegetables, home made products etc are delivered between 3 pm – 7 pm

What about purity?

Purity is paramount. We milk our cows without injecting growth hormones, we add no chemicals for extended shelf life. Our milk is adulterated only with love !

Prices and billing?

Bills are generated fortnightly. We offer flexible and dynamic pricing system. Customer is charged on daily basis depending on the quantity delivered. Our prices are 79 Rs/ltr for 1 ltr, 75Rs/ltr for 2 ltrs and 71Rs/ltr for 3 ltr or more. Thus ordering more quantity keeps your average rate low.

Which Breed of Cows do you have?

We believe and promote idea of “locavorism”. So we raise and maintain only local breeds which happens to be “Belahi” for Chandigarh tricity. Local breeds performs best as they rarely fall sick and produce best quality of milk.

Can we grow organic vegetables

Yes, we provide 500 Sq ft mini farms to our customers on rent for growing organic vegetables. We provide desi seeds, organic manures, organic pesticides and all other items to grow vegetables on your mini farm. Farm rent includes labor and delivery charges also.

What about home-made items?

We are building a local community network of households who prepare chemical free items like pickles, flours. bathing soaps, hair oils etc at their home. We sell their naturally made products on our website.