Welcome, Chandigarhians to your own shop,

We will begin by thanking you for showering immense appreciation and trust on our idea of delivering pure milk and organic vegetables to every street and resident of the city beautiful. We did so to let you relish your dining time having the purest vegetables and milk that ensure the best health for you and your family.

Home Made Products

Chemical free, freshly prepared products by local residents

Farm fresh A2 Milk

The magical taste of Indian cows milk is back with the only ingredient “purity”


Book your personal mini farm and start growing your own veggies

What We Do

In order to eliminate all the bad elements of your diet, we have come up with the untouched form of vegetables which are grown through organic farming methods. This idea leads to trust and transparency between seller and consumer which is unfortunately lacking these days. We enable cow rearers from langarya community to raise their cows in ultra hygienic conditions with proper nutritious diet to improve their quality of milk and give them direct exposure to urban market.

Our Mission

We are inspired by block-chain methodology to build up a community network resulting in economic integration of more no. of people, more employment and innovation as well as inclusive and sustainable growth of local economy. We have just begun with the health revolution.  Right now, the plan has started to impress the Chandigarh natives, now our next milestone is to let entire India know the value of eating healthy and sharing its goodness. To make it happen, we have gradually started to expand our operations in country.

History Of Us

We unearthed ourselves in 2016 in one of the cleanest and the city beautiful of India- Chandigarh. Our pool of experts started this healthy venture based on ‘Satyam Shuddham Sundaram’ which ultimately refers to ‘honest, pure and beautiful.’ The genuine idea of eradicating the health problems is to jot down its actual cause. And just to ensure the same, we researched it and analyzed contaminated food and milk the biggest reason behind severe health problems. And this is how the story began !

What can we do for you ?

Can we grow our own vegetables?

We want each and every individual to step into a farmer’s shoe and understand the entire journey of growing organic vegetables from the scratch. To do so, one is required to book 500 sq ft mini farm slots and grow veggies at reasonable prices.

Why A2 Milk?

Milk the most important meal of everyday life has come under the influence of pesticides and other pollutants which might not be visible but can leave a huge impact on your health. Just to eradicate such major and dangerous health aspects, we have come up with the concept of A2 milk which is pure indigenous cow milk giving you all the goodness of milk.

How are we encouraging entrepreneurship?

We all know, the real taste of food comes from home kitchen. Considering this fact as an important one and our USP as well, we let the home-makers showcase their talent of blending the best ever spices, unique pickles, yummy jams or any other specifically tasting home-made eatables. And then just to inspire such incredibly talented home-makers we collect these eatables from the respective residents and then sell it over our e-commerce network. This way, we not just lead housewives toward entrepreneurship but somehow let them learn the value of their talent which is often ignored or left unappreciated.

How to earn with ShopApni

If you are a home maker and prepare chemical free items like pickles, bathing soaps, hair oils or hand grind spices and flours, you can register with ShopApni as a vendor for free of cost. We would sell and market your products through out the city among our vast customer network.

What our customers say

I was little doubtful in the beginning when they were skipping the deliveries quite frequently, but soon I realised it was happening because these guys are extra careful for maintaining their quality which has been unmatchable since day one. Now they are doing good in services as well. I am more than happy !

I could wrap up in a single word, superb ! But their passion and enthusiasm compels me to write little more. They are not just delivering good quality products but their concern and strong yearning for boosting up local economy by enabling household entrepreneurs give me goosebumps. Business is not just about making profits but it is also about changing the current paradigms. Cheers !

I started selling my home made personal care products on this website. That helped me increase online visibility of my products and gradually my sales started picking up. Now I am a happy seller with Amazon, Flipkart and other ecommerce platforms too. I wish their team all the best.

Feels like we are going back to our basics. Purity is something which lacks these days in food as well as human character. May ShopApni revive it for at least in food.